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Victoria Clarke

Coordinator Waste and Amenity Programs, Waste and Recycling, City of Melbourne

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Strategic resource recovery projects
  • Circular economy principles
  • Complex city systems
  • Waste and recycling management

Will McIntosh

Open Data Lead, City of Melbourne

Specialty areas for questions:

  • City of Melbourne Open Data Platform
  • Open data API (Socrata)
  • Dataset integration
  • Waste datasets

Phil Ore

CEO and Co-Founder at 25eight Group. Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs&Co. Pitch Mentor for Startup Victoria

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Pitching your idea
  • Humanising technology

Ghian Tjandaputra

Partnerships Coordinator, The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Specialty areas for questions:

  • International engagement
  • Program management
  • Marketing

Darren Sutton

Founder of The Common Purpose Collective, leading circular innovation leader and strategic designer of the Infiniti Canvas

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Circular economy principles
  • Circular innovation and product market fit
  • Systems design and scaling
  • Circular commercialization strategy

Kaitlin Reid

Director, Reground

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Social Enterprise, innovation as a small business
  • Practical behaviour change
  • Designing and providing a service for small business and working with councils
  • Waste systems and behaviour in businesses

Diletta Legowo

Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator, SPARK Deakin

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Partnerships with local organisations
  • Life in Indonesia (cultural aspects, values, public opinions)
  • Tech innovation
  • Creative economy

Adrian Sulaeman

Managing Director, 11th Space

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • Business process & operations
  • Business development

Kennie Kurniawan

Marketing Manager, 11th Space

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing

Tim Bright

Events Manager, Melbourne Accelerator Program

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Events
  • Project management/operations
  • Partnerships/marketing
  • Product/digital systems and platforms

Abena Ofori

Social Impact Manager, Melbourne Accelerator Program

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Social impact
  • Early-stage venture validation techniques
  • Pitching
  • Project management / operations

Suneel Jethani

Engagement Manager and Research Fellow, Open Data, Digital Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victorian Government

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Data storytelling
  • Open data Platforms and portals (Vic Gov)
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Data ethics and governance

Simon Lockrey

Senior Lecturer - School of Design, RMIT University, Executive Director - Glowpear, Project Lead - Fight Food Waste CRC Project 1.1.1 (DIRECT Commercialisation), Board Member - International Sustainable Development Research Society, Vice President - Automotive Historians Australia

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Innovation
  • Co-design
  • New product development

Dr. Husam Wafai

Programs manager and technical advisor at Hatch Quarter

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Fibre-Composite materials
  • Data Science and predictive modelling
  • Numerical simulation - Finite Element Method.
  • Mechanical behavior and Materials science of structural and functional materials

Melanie Oke

Circular Economy Lead at Sustainability Victoria

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Circular economy concepts and models
  • Waste avoidance and recycling
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability Victoria’s programs

Laura-Lee Innes

Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering at Monash University

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Waste contaminants and waste management
  • Infrastructure and technologies
  • Waste pathways to environment and human health impact
  • Waste and contamination policy, legislation and regulation

Sam Pinner

Founder of Can-i-Park and overall winner of the Open Innovation Competition 2019 on Safe Mobility.

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Ideation
  • Prototyping & validating your idea
  • Submitting your idea
  • Pitching your idea

Sam Amirebrahimi

Developer and Community Relations Lead, Oceania, HERE Technologies

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Location/spatial data management and analysis and visualisation
  • Innovation and web application design & development
  • Project management
  • Pitching and presentation

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