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How do I book a 1:1 mentoring session?

You can book a 1:1 session with a mentor by clicking on their calendly link and selecting one of the available timeslots.

These sessions are designed to help you understand the issues and considerations of the competition before submitting.

Remember before booking:

  • Each expert generously volunteers their time.
  • Prepare beforehand to maximise your session.
  • Respect their time by honoring your appointment.

How do I get in touch?

If you have a general question about the competition, you can ask us using the forum below before 5pm Friday 26 April.

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Laxmi Pun

Founder and Director, Illume Foundation

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Startup Fundraising
  • Business Model
  • Pitching
  • Idea Validation

Learn more: LinkedIn

Vicky Featherston

Co-founder / Head of Strategy & Operations, HAL Systems

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Sustainability in commercial buildings
  • Climate-tech customer & industry validation
  • Pitching for early-stage investment
  • Strategic Partnerships

Learn more: LinkedIn

William Anstee

Housing Partnerships Manager, Allume Energy

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Business development - new/existing markets
  • Understanding stakeholders and how to meet their needs
  • Procurement of funding/grant opportunities for customers
  • Project management

Learn more: LinkedIn

Mathew Herring

Partner and Co-Lead Renewables and Climate Tech, KPMG Australia

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Strategy and growth
  • Pitching
  • Funding
  • Team building

Learn more: LinkedIn

Daiane Scaraboto

Professor of Marketing, University of Melbourne

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Social change
  • Branding
  • Marketing

Learn more: LinkedIn

Alison Dilger

Director, Sustainability and Climate Change at Aurecon

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Social change
  • Branding
  • Marketing

Learn more: LinkedIn

Kunal Khanna

Senior Consultant, Circular Economy at Aurecon

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Circular Economy
  • Business case and modelling
  • Regeneration

Learn more: LinkedIn

Raj Bagri

Founder and CEO, Kapture

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Pitch deck
  • Business model
  • Climate tech
  • Business strategy

Learn more: LinkedIn

Andrew Loh

Angel Network Manager, Ecotone Ventures

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Capital Raising
  • Pitching / Pitch Decks
  • Impact

Learn more: LinkedIn

Peppa Priestly

B2B Marketing Specialist, Founder and Director at Spark Marketing Agency

Specialty areas for questions:

  • Organic Content Strategies
  • Budget Content Curation
  • Optimising Media Platforms

Learn more: LinkedIn

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