Council has drafted a Place and Road Naming Policy and Guidelines for community feedback.

Our current naming process

City of Melbourne is responsible for creating or changing the names of places and roads in our municipality.

Any proposed name must comply with the naming rules for places in Victoria (set by the State Government). The naming rules uphold the guidelines in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.

In addition to adhering to the naming rules, Council prioritises Aboriginal language and women in history.

Find more about our current process here.

What's new in the Draft Policy and Guidelines?

The purpose of introducing the proposed Place and Road Naming Policy and Guidelines is to:

  • Enable community-led (rather than developer-led) naming by:
    • Taking a proactive Council approach to naming that includes community engagement, especially for significant proposals.
    • Providing a mechanism for establishing a compliant name list of suitable names for a precinct, including renewal areas.
    • Holding a community poll if more than one compliant name has been found for a significant place or road.
  • Clearly affirm Council's preference for Aboriginal language and the names of women in history, and what the prioritisation of these naming themes means in practice (names outside these themes can still be considered if approved at a Council Meeting unless consistent with a precinct specific naming framework).

This consultation has closed.

The community consultation report was presented to Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) on 6 February 2024. Council is now considering and incorporating community feedback in the updated Draft Place and Road Naming Policy. The updated Draft Policy will be presented to FMC for consideration mid-2024.

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Community consultation

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