City of Melbourne is making it easier for all residents to access more affordable renewable energy, no matter where they live.

The Power Melbourne project will install a network of community batteries around the city. The batteries will be linked to a retail electricity plan to help renters, people living in apartments, and those running small businesses access more affordable renewable electricity.

The community response to our proposed locations for the demonstration network has been overwhelmingly positive. Read what we've heard so far.

We’re committed to powering Melbourne with 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and we know our community is behind us.

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Our first batteries will be installed in 2024 at:

The Power Melbourne project will install a network of community batteries around the city, linked to a retail electricity plan to help our community access more affordable renewable electricity.

These batteries will allow renewable energy to be stored, then released back into the electricity grid when it is needed most. This will help unlock access to renewable energy for the majority of City of Melbourne residents and small business owners who don’t have access to their own solar power.

Power Melbourne will also offer a simple option for residents and businesses to purchase trusted local renewable energy associated with the community batteries. Purchasing this energy will be as easy as switching your electricity supplier to Power Melbourne.

Check out City of Melbourne's Power Melbourne YouTube Channel for a series of short videos.

Community batteries (also known as neighbourhood batteries or mid-scale batteries) store energy to support consumers, communities and the electricity system. They:

  • Absorb power when there is a lot available, such as when the sun is shining, and release it back into the grid when its needed most.
  • Are generally installed in public spaces in and around buildings close to where electricity is used or generated.
  • Can store between 100kW and 5MW.


  • Community batteries come in a range of sizes depending on the storage capacity and available space.
  • Typically, a 200KW community battery would be the size of 4 single door fridges.


  • Depending on the model and size, the sound of a community battery can range from about 50-70 decibels at 1 meter from the unit. 70 decibels is as loud as a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Community batteries only make noise when they are charging or discharging


  • Community batteries increase network reliability because they store excess energy for when demand is high (e.g. around dinner time).


  • Battery technologies are well proven and have an excellent safety record.
  • Batteries installed as part of Power Melbourne will comply with strict electricity safety regulations.

To achieve City of Melbourne’s goal of being powered 100 per cent by renewable energy by 2030, all energy users within the city require access to affordable renewable energy options to meet their electricity needs.

Most of our residents are renters and apartment dwellers. People who rent or live in apartments are often unable to install solar panels, and it can be difficult to select a green power option.

More storage is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Power Melbourne will make it easier for renters, people living in apartments and small businesses to access the benefits of renewable energy. It will also help accelerate energy transition, supporting the reliability and security of the electricity grid. Our plan is to demonstrate new commercial models for energy storage that can be replicated and scaled up.

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