The Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project aims to:

  • provide water for irrigation in Princes Park, saving more than 60 million litres of drinking water annually
  • improve the health of the Moonee Ponds Creek by removing excess stormwater, litter and sediments.
The project will treat stormwater from Moonee Ponds Creek and redirect it to Princes Park for storage and irrigation purposes. When it rains in the city, water collects on sealed surfaces and flows into drains and out to our waterways and bays. In fact, more water falls on Melbourne every year than we need to irrigate our green spaces. Stormwater harvesting projects allow us to capture this water for reuse.
Princes Park stormwater project diagram

How the Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project works

  • Captures and treats excess stormwater: Excess stormwater will be captured through a stormwater pipe, ensuring environmental flows are maintained. Stormwater passes through a Gross Pollutant Trap where litter and larger pollutants are removed, and then through a sediment chamber to remove coarse sediment.
  • Storing the stormwater: The treated stormwater will be transferred to underground storage tanks at McPherson Field in Royal Park. These tanks will be able to hold up to 5 million litres of water to make the most of major rainfall events and store water for drier periods.
  • Irrigation: Stormwater will be pumped into an irrigation tank in Princes Park via a UV disinfection system, removing any pathogens before the water is used for the park’s ovals and gardens.


    • More than 60 million litres of alternate water per year will be provided to Princes Park.
    • Litter and up to 20,000kg of sediment and 200kg of Nitrogen will be removed from the Moonee Ponds Creek annually.
    • Replenishment of soil moisture throughout the park via more sustainable management of the natural water cycle, rather than use of drinking water
    • Protection from future droughts with Princes Park’s ability to source 80% of its required water per year from alternative sources.


    This Stormwater Harvesting System will mostly be located underground. A small pump house will contain a UV disinfection unit to remove any bacteria from the water. The site for the pump house is proposed to be adjacent to existing pump infrastructure in Royal Park.

    There will be disruptions to activities in Royal Park and Princes Park during the construction of this project. City of Melbourne will work with sporting clubs and park users to minimise these impacts as much as possible and ensure the community continues to have access to the parks.

    Stormwater harvesting system for Fitzroy Gardens

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