What we have done

We have looked to increase respect for Aboriginal peoples, cultures, histories, knowledge and rights within our organisation and our community. The Council Plan recognises that Aboriginal cultures are central to our city’s identity and we have prioritised initiatives that celebrate and lead to respect.

This has included:

  • Delivering Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training (ICAT) to our staff. A suite of training is now available to staff including tours and specific programs developed and delivered by Traditional Owners.
  • A strong focus on implementing and embedding cultural protocols including Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country, as well as celebrating NAIDOC internally, in the city, and beyond.
  • Aboriginal culture reflected in the core design of civic spaces including the new library and family services, narrm ngarrgu.
  • Significant measures to educate the broader community about Aboriginal heritage and culture, including through Mapping Aboriginal Melbourne. This interactive digital map of places of significance within the municipality, was launched in May 2022. Created with Traditional Owners, the map provides a powerful tool for truth-telling. It remains a living resource that will be added to over time, in ongoing consultation with Traditional Owners.

What's next?

Under the next Reconciliation Action Plan we can continue to build an understanding of Aboriginal culture as being central to our business, and Melbourne’s identity, including through:

  • Promoting and providing ongoing cultural learning opportunities for our staff.
  • Continuing our work to understand Melbourne as an Aboriginal City, and how this can be reflected in its design and identity.
  • Demonstrating respect to Aboriginal protocols in the conduct of our work.
  • Uplifting NAIDOC in our city.

Header photo:
Coles Fountain lit in purple for Sorry Day 2023
Photographer: Tiffany Garvey

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