What we have done

Good governance helps ensure the City of Melbourne has the right inputs to its decision-making and supports accountability.

To support strong governance of our last Reconciliation Action Plan we:

  • Established a Reconciliation Action Plan working group with senior executive sponsorship through CEO Alison Leighton.
  • Ensured the Reconciliation Action Plan was aligned to the City of Melbourne Council Plan 2021-25.
  • Created systems to regularly report and measure Reconciliation Action Plan achievements both internally and externally.
  • Participated Reconciliation Australia’s annual ‘Reconciliation Action Plan Impact Measurement Survey’ and the ‘Australian Reconciliation Barometer National Research Survey’.

What's next?

Under the next Reconciliation Action Plan we can continue to strengthen governance, including through:

  • Establishing a First Nations Committee to advise Council on First Nations strategy, policy and programs.
  • Holding of internal quarterly meetings of the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.
  • Creating an improved and more robust outcomes framework with Key Performance Indicators.

Header photo:
The Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander flags at Town Hall, National Reconciliation Week 2023.
Photographer: Tiffany Garvey

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