The conversation

City of Melbourne’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2020–23 has been created in consultation with the community with an emphasis on creating strong relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, for the benefit of all Victorians.

From 7 August to 4 September, we asked the community to share their thoughts and feedback in relation to the draft Reconciliation Action Plan 2020–23.

Community members were asked to share their views on:

  • a full copy of the draft Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-23
  • information relating to the different the Reconciliation Action Plan pillars
  • background on prior City of Melbourne Reconciliation Action Plans.

Gathering insights

Engagement consisted of:

  • submissions from the public via email and from the Participate Melbourne page
  • an online session for Aboriginal organisations within the metro area.

Who we reached


Website visitors

To the Participate Melbourne page.


Verbal comments

From the Aboriginal organisation online engagement session.


Written submissions

From 10 people.

What we heard

There was a very positive response to the additional pillar of Truth Telling that has been added to the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Next steps

The information received from the public consultation was used to develop the final Reconciliation Action Plan 2020–23 that will be considered by Council in late November 2020.

Reconciliation Action Plan