Skate park redesign overview

Action 2.6 – Upgrade existing skate parks in Alexandra Gardens (Riverslide) and JJ Holland Park

The Skate Melbourne Plan 2017–2027 provides a strategic vision, aims and four key actions to guide the provision, location, and management of skating in the municipality. The City of Melbourne endorsed the Skate Melbourne Plan in September 2017. The plan recommends upgrading the skate parks in the municipality.

Both skate parks will continue to cater for their regular user groups and their local communities. Some new elements may be introduced to broaden each facility’s skate offering and bring them more in line with current skating trends. Ways to make the spaces more flexible will also be explored.

Skate park features

Right in the heart of Melbourne, Riverslide is the inner-city's biggest skate park with a street-skating focus. Run by the YMCA, this premier skateboard, BMX, inline and scooter facility has different terrains designed for different abilities. Overlooking the Yarra River and Birrarung Marr, the park also has a cafe and skate shop on-site.

The Kensington Skate Park at JJ Holland Park features a 6ft half pipe with spine ramp and roll over. The park also features a number of smaller ramps and a small street section with a rail and grind box. It caters to a wide range of users from beginner to advanced skateboard, scooter and BMX riders. Adjacent to the facility is a BMX pump track and jumps.

Skate park map

Location of Riverslide in Alexandra Gardens and JJ Holland Park in Kensington.