Supporting the skate community

The management of skating requires a clear vision for skate in the city that is supported by Council and the wider community. Resources will be required for ongoing management of skate activity including maintenance and provision of infrastructure and ongoing programs to support skating in the city. Partnerships with skate and business communities can support development of new skate opportunities, build acceptance of skating in the wider community, and support behavioural change that improves relationships and the perception of skating in the city. The existing Skate Ambassador Program with the YMCA is a good example of this.

Floating Skate Park, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

The Floating Skate Park in Lake Tahoe, California was designed by Pro Skater Bob Burnquist and art director Jerry Blohm for a Californian Tourism campaign, which aimed to inspire big thinking. It also recognised and raised the profile of skateboarding in the city.