The conversation

City of Melbourne has been undertaking a study to identify a range of pedestrian improvement projects to be constructed in South Yarra over the next 5 years.

After reviewing 10 years of community submissions, vehicle speed and volume data, and crash statistics between 2015 and 2019, City of Melbourne came up with a list of proposed pedestrian improvement projects for the neighbourhood.

We provided a list of proposed pedestrian improvements on Participate Melbourne that were marked on a map of South Yarra along with descriptions.

The community was then asked to indicate which projects they thought were a priority to implement and whether there were any projects missing from the list.

Gathering insights

Consultation took place mostly online through a survey on Participate Melbourne. The survey was open from 6 March to 12 April 2023.

We also held two information sessions in March 2023 where community was invited to ask questions about the project and provide feedback. One information session was held in-person at South Yarra Senior Citizens Centre and the other was held online.

What we heard

A total of 48 people contributed their thoughts via the online survey, with most participants indicating that they were overall supportive of the proposed pedestrian improvement projects.

We found 77 per cent of participants were supportive of the proposed projects to improve road safety and walkability.

Of our participants, 67 per cent thought that not all road safety and walkability issues had been identified. Several of the additional issues identified related to bicycles and e-scooters on footpaths and appropriateness of bike lanes. The issue of outdoor dining furniture cluttering footpaths was also identified.