The City of Melbourne released the Startup Action Plan in 2017 to support innovative businesses to start, grow and go global from Melbourne.

Over the next four years, we will deliver a range of initiatives that will be relevant to entrepreneurs and startups at all stages of growth.

This is the place to come for:

  • regular updates on initiatives
  • asking questions and accessing new networks
  • information on funding and the startup industry
  • promotional opportunities.

Melbourne Global Innovation Program

The Melbourne Global Innovation Program is an initiative between the City of Melbourne and The Hacker Exchange and is a unique two-week experience designed to upskill and equip budding entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business.

Read the Startup Action Plan

Melbourne Global Innovation Program

A two-week program for budding entrepreneurs who identify as Aboriginal, first generation, migrant, refugee or female.

Startup ecosystem

Mapping the startup ecosystem with startups in the city.