Consultation summary and report available

December 6, 2018

Analysis of the community feedback on the Transport Strategy refresh discussion papers is now available.

Eight discussion papers were released from April to July 2018 to encourage community debate and gather feedback to inform a draft Transport Strategy.

From the feedback, we heard:

  • More than half of respondents (54%) to the Walking paper said they had experienced ‘overcrowding on footpaths’.
  • Top experiences were ‘poor pedestrian etiquette’ (21%) and ‘crossing times at intersections too short/infrequent’ (20%).
  • Main unprompted suggestions to combat overcrowding and etiquette were to widen footpaths (27%), create car free zones (24%) and improve traffic light timing (18%).

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The draft Transport Strategy is now being completed and will be presented to Future Melbourne Committee early in the New Year. Further consultation will follow to finalise the Strategy.

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