The key aim of the draft Integrated Waste Management Program is to:

  • increase recycling and recovery of valuable resources
  • decrease the amount of waste we send to landfill
  • improve amenity, keeping our streets clean for everyone to enjoy.

Ten initiatives are recommended as part of the 2015-18 Program. The final Waste and Resource Recovery Plan 2015–18 was endorsed by Council at the end of 2015, following community consultation.

Consultation closed

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Key Initiatives in the draft program

The five new initiatives recommended for inclusion in the Program are:

  1. Residential food waste management: Establish a trial program that uses different technologies to test the viability of food waste diversion in residential high rise apartments and residential dwellings.
  2. Commercial organic waste: In addition to expanding the reach of the Degraves Street Recycling Facility, investigate the establishment of a trial program where food organics are diverted from bin collections and sent to community centres before they spoil.
  3. Electronic waste and hard waste recycling: Identify methods to improve the recovery of these materials and divert them from landfill.
  4. A stronger emphasis on partnerships to establish shared facilities: Continue to establish shared hubs within existing commercial developments and investigate a requirement that new developments provide shared compactor facilities where appropriate.
  5. Cardboard recovery: This includes building more flexibility into current contractual arrangements for the collection of central city cardboard.

Read the draft Integrated Waste Management Program to find out more about each initiative.

Five initiatives were introduced through the previous Program and it was proposed that these projects be further developed.

These five initiatives are:

  1. High rise recycling program: The installation of infrastructure, signage and accessible recycling collection services with a new focus on improving hard waste recycling.
  2. Installation of compactors and recycling hubs: The continued clustering of waste and recycling facilities in specific locations as part of a precinct approach to waste management.
  3. Degraves Street Recycling Facility: The expansion of the facility. This will include the collection of commercial organics from more premises as well as residents in the precinct.
  4. Advanced waste treatment options: ‘Waste to energy’ plants provide an alternative to landfill disposal. The new State Government has yet to make its view known about the viability of alternative waste disposal options.
  5. Recycling rewards project: A continuation of programs that assist in improving recycling levels through education and incentives.

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