Assets, services and identifying experts: a wrap-up of the second People's Panel

September 22, 2014

The City of Melbourne’s People Panel met for the second time on Saturday and wasted no time exploring the details that will inform its recommendations to Council on financial priorities for the next decade.

Panel members received detailed briefings on Council’s finances from our Chief Financial Officer, and met with the Lord Mayor, Councillors Stephen Mayne and Ken Ong to understand the challenges and opportunities the city will face in the future.

In addition, the panel also had an opportunity to speak with the organisation’s five directors – who are responsible for planning and infrastructure, community development, corporate and city business and city design.

The panel heard about how much we spend and how we manage some of the City of Melbourne’s key assets, from maintaining and renewing our footpaths, parks and gardens to drains and buildings.

The panel will next meet on Saturday 4 October. Panelists have requested to hear from external experts in the planning, government architecture, climate change, futures and population/growth fields to help inform their recommendations.