Third People’s Panel: Expert insights and deliberations

October 7, 2014

The People’s Panel has reached the business end of their deliberations, as they start to think about recommendations for Council’s first 10-Year Financial Plan.

A third panel packed with expert insight and information took place on Saturday 4 October. Population growth, urban design, the environment and social policy were all on the agenda. The panel heard from a range of experts who built the panel's understanding of the key challenges and opportunities facing the city. The current work being undertaken by the City of Melbourne to address these issues was also highlighted.

How and why the City of Melbourne sets and charges its rates was also on the agenda, with the panel given an opportunity to ask questions and better understand Council’s statutory requirements and management of rates.

With all the presentations over, the panel has now started its deliberations, as it moves to form recommendations to Council on its spending and revenue strategy over the next decade.

The next panel session will be on Saturday 18 October and will be dedicated to identifying priority areas and starting to formalise recommendations to Council.