We need to understand the cultural values and character within the Parklands and manage these elements well.

There are some unique parts of the Domain Parklands that contribute to the cultural significance, including:

  • Places such as the Pioneer Women’s memorial Garden, the fern gully,the boatsheds,the Queen Victoria memorial, the Sidney Myer Music bowl and the Janet Lady Clarke rotunda.
  • Specific journeys or path links such as the path to King George V memorial and the Tan track.
  • Particular views, such as the view of Government house tower and the Shrine of Remembrance.
  • Aboriginal cultural significance elements such as the connection to the river, the high view -points, the memorial and remnant trees.
  • Horticultural places such as the floral clock, the Government house boundary and the ‘star bed’. And there are many parts of the landscape character that contribute to the cultural significance.

The area that is now the Domain Parklands is significant to Aboriginal People. It is a place of shared Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history and cultural heritage values. There are two particular layers. One is the burial stone, which is for all the nations in Victoria. The other is that there are four specific groups who have stated connection to the area.

Because of its central location and the high profile civic and commemoration destinations within the Domain Parklands it is a popular location for memorials. There are continued requests for permission to place new memorials in the parklands, particularly within the Kings Domain.

As part of the master plan it is important to establish a position on the future placement and form of memorials within the Kings Domain and more broadly within the Domain Parklands.

Read the Discussion Paper for more information on Cultural and Historical Significance:

Key Suggestions

Cultural Significance

  • Maintain and enhance the Domain’s role as the setting for Government House, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens and its association with the history of Melbourne.
  • Celebrate the important civic, ceremonial, recreational and landscape experiences and features that this place provides for the central city/Melbourne.
  • Identify the parts of underlying landscape character and structure which give value to the recent historic significance of the settlement of Melbourne and introduce the layers as identified to acknowledge the Aboriginal cultural heritage. Work with Traditional Owners to identify suitable locations.
  • Increase the public visibility of the history of the parklands through information and interpretation.
  • Promote an increase in community understanding and recognition of cultural heritage.

Memorials in the Domain Parklands

  • Different approaches are required for memorials in the Domain Parklands in the future.
  • Memorials which contribute to horticultural values could be more consistent with the park setting, contributing to the biological diversity as well as the visitor experience.
  • Memorials should contribute to the experience of the park visitor.
  • Interpretation of existing memorials should be provided.