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The second phase of community engagement on the draft Bicycle Plan 2016-2020 has now concluded. Project updates are provided below.


The City of Melbourne’s Bicycle Plan 2016-20 was endorsed by Council on 15 March 2016.

The plan aims to increase bike use to one in four vehicles entering the city in the morning and eliminating serious crashes from the network.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on the draft, we had an overwhelming response with more than 7140 contributions from the community.

The next step will be to implement the measures outlined in the Bicycle Plan to further improve our city’s cycling network including:

  • Increasing bicycle parking by 2000 in key public locations and installing bicycle maintenance stations and counters at entrances to the city
  • Creating local neighbourhood routes in Kensington, North Melbourne, Carlton and Southbank - connecting to schools, shops and community facilities
  • Improving connections into and through the city centre including a possible second bike friendly east-west connection through the central city. This would complement La Trobe Street and improve bicycle access and transit across the southern part of the central city.

Read the plan and find out more about our cycling city. If you’d like to receive further updates, subscribe to our Cycling City newsletter.

March 17, 2016

We’ve had an excellent response to the draft plan, with over 120 submissions received from the community in addition to the 1000 spots the community identified in May 2015.

Thank you all for your considered and valuable input. Your feedback will be used to inform the final Bicycle Plan 2016-2020.

It is envisaged that the final plan will be presented to Council in March 2016. If you have any further questions or require additional information during this time, please email

You can still view the draft below.

Draft Bicycle Plan 2016-2020

We have developed a draft plan to further improve our bicycle network and boost the number of people riding bikes. The draft plan is based on 7000 contributions we received from the community in April and May this year and talking to other stakeholders such as the Victorian Government, Victoria Police and bicycle groups.

Over the next four years we’re aiming to further boost the number of people riding into the city and encourage residents to use bikes around their local neighbourhood. The draft plan lays out practical measures to make the city more bicycle-friendly including:

  • Creating local neighbourhood routes to connect schools, shops and community facilities
  • Improving connections into and through the city along four cycling corridors
  • Increasing bicycle parking by 800 in key public locations
  • Installing bicycle maintenance stations and counters at entrances to the city.

November 23, 2015

The first phase of community engagement about the draft Bicycle Plan 2016-2020 is now closed. We had an unprecedented response to the interactive map below, with over 7000 contributions including:

  • 1000 individual spots
  • 4700 supports.

We thank you for the rich detail contained in your ideas and comments that will help us to build a cycling city. The information will assist us to prioritise actions for the next bike plan based on what you have told us that is important to you.

You can view the responses on the interactive map below. The circle sizes show the amount of activity (spots, comments and supports) by spot type. Zoom-in to see individual spots and comments.

We will continue to provide project updates on this page.

June 21, 2015