Council has reached a decision regarding the application for a Planning Permit submitted by Places Victoria. For Meeting minutes visit the Future Melbourne Committee meeting documentation page.

Places Victoria and City of Melbourne will continue to work together to ensure that meaningful community engagement occurs during the next stage of the Harbour Esplanade redevelopment.

Community engagement will be an essential part of the redevelopment of Harbour Esplanade. The conversation with the community will continue throughout the life of the project. The level of engagement will vary for each stage of development and will be tailored to maximise stakeholder and community participation as appropriate.

For further information about the project please visit the Places Victoria website.


The permit application regarding Harbour Esplanade master plan will be considered by Council at the next Future Melbourne Committee.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 2 Jun 2015 at 5.30pm
Venue: Council Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Melbourne Town Hall

Further details about committee meetings can be found on the Communicating with Council page.

May 28, 2015

Places Victoria submitted a planning permit application to the City of Melbourne, incorporating the Harbour Esplanade Master Plan in December 2014.

The application and master plan will be presented to a Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) for consideration in mid 2015. We will publicise the meeting date once confirmed on Participate Melbourne. You will be able to make a written or verbal submission at this FMC.

For further information refer to:

  • Places Victoria website.
  • Visit Planning and Building Branch enquiries counter at Level 3, Council House 2, 240 Little Collins Street where a hardcopy of the master plan can be inspected.
  • Contact Rob Moore, Manager Urban Design & Docklands, on 9658 9434 or

December 9, 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the Community Engagement Summary Report (PDF, 991kb) is now available. The report provides a summary of the feedback we received through the Participate Melbourne questionnaire and our conversations with the community and key stakeholders.

At a high level, we heard that you want open spaces that can be used for multiple purposes and activated to enhance events. Lawn areas, seating and passive areas and play opportunities were the key design elements people wanted to see in public spaces.

In terms of interaction with the water, space to sit and water level access or water play along the esplanade featured most highly in the feedback. Water transport services were also important.

Two thirds of people who completed the survey supported the reinstatement of heritage sheds, either through complete reinstatement or a contemporary interpretation, and some buildings on the waterfront are acceptable to the community.

This feedback will be used to refine the master plan for Harbour Esplanade, which will be the blue print for the development of the Docklands waterfront over the long term.

Later this year, Places Victoria expects to apply to the City of Melbourne for a planning permit to prepare for the next stage of development. Places Victoria will provide further information about how community and stakeholder feedback influenced the master plan development when the permit application is lodged.

We encourage you to visit for up to date information about Harbour Esplanade and other Docklands projects.

July 22, 2014

Over the past month, Places Victoria has spoken to more than 300 people at pop-up information events or formal meetings, and together with the City of Melbourne we have shared information with almost 4000 people via the Participate Melbourne site and received feedback from more than 460 people through formal surveys.

The engagement program has now concluded and work has begun to collate your feedback. This will inform the master plan for Harbour Esplanade, which will provide a blue print for the development of the Docklands waterfront over the long term. In July, Places Victoria expects to be able to provide an overview of the key elements that have emerged from the conversation and the next steps to progress development.

If you visit Harbour Esplanade, you will see the significant progress that is being made to prepare the waterfront for development. Temporary fencing is being removed as the demolition of ageing wharf decks nears completion, and this is once again opening up views to the water. The glasshouse café, Hortus, and a temporary landscaping installation is also providing life and activity on the waterfront

June 10, 2014

Community engagement archive - June 2014

The community engagement program has now concluded and a masterplan has been developed. The images below were for illustrative purposes to inform the June 2014 engagement process.

For current information about the Harbour Esplanade project and the masterplan, please visit Places Victoria website.

1. Key Principles for Development

2. Potential Delivery Stages

3. Preliminary Visualisation