Update #2 - Community Engagement Summary Report Available

July 22, 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the Community Engagement Summary Report (PDF, 991kb) is now available. The report provides a summary of the feedback we received through the Participate Melbourne questionnaire and our conversations with the community and key stakeholders.

At a high level, we heard that you want open spaces that can be used for multiple purposes and activated to enhance events. Lawn areas, seating and passive areas and play opportunities were the key design elements people wanted to see in public spaces.

In terms of interaction with the water, space to sit and water level access or water play along the esplanade featured most highly in the feedback. Water transport services were also important.

Two thirds of people who completed the survey supported the reinstatement of heritage sheds, either through complete reinstatement or a contemporary interpretation, and some buildings on the waterfront are acceptable to the community.

This feedback will be used to refine the master plan for Harbour Esplanade, which will be the blue print for the development of the Docklands waterfront over the long term.

Later this year, Places Victoria expects to apply to the City of Melbourne for a planning permit to prepare for the next stage of development. Places Victoria will provide further information about how community and stakeholder feedback influenced the master plan development when the permit application is lodged.

We encourage you to visit www.docklands.com/planning-docklands-future/current-community-infrastructure-projects for up to date information about Harbour Esplanade and other Docklands projects.