Council has reached a decision regarding the application for a Planning Permit submitted by Places Victoria. For Meeting minutes visit the Future Melbourne Committee meeting documentation page.

Places Victoria and City of Melbourne will continue to work together to ensure that meaningful community engagement occurs during the next stage of the Harbour Esplanade redevelopment.

Community engagement will be an essential part of the redevelopment of Harbour Esplanade. The conversation with the community will continue throughout the life of the project. The level of engagement will vary for each stage of development and will be tailored to maximise stakeholder and community participation as appropriate.

For further information about the project please visit the Places Victoria website.



Community engagement archive - June 2014

The community engagement program has now concluded and a masterplan has been developed. The images below were for illustrative purposes to inform the June 2014 engagement process.

For current information about the Harbour Esplanade project and the masterplan, please visit Places Victoria website.

1. Key Principles for Development

2. Potential Delivery Stages

3. Preliminary Visualisation