The City of Melbourne has partnered with Melbourne Water to update flood mapping for specific areas in our municipality that are experiencing increased growth and urban development. New modelling was used which incorporated climate change factors, such as increased rainfall intensity and sea level rise, that are predicted to influence inundation in the near future.

This new information on flooding is the basis for our proposed Amendment C384 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme. It updates the inundation overlay maps to ensure new developments are designed with flood mitigation in mind.

We called for submissions on Amendment C384 from 14 October until 29 November 2021.

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  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Future Melbourne Committee meeting

    a) Amendment C384 and the Good Design Guide background document are presented to the Future Melbourne Committee. This is to consider requesting authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit the amendment to incorporate new flood information in the planning scheme, along with improved application requirements and decision guidelines.

    b) Melbourne Water adopts and declares new flood information to inform Property Information Certificates, Flood Certificates, as well as responses to planning and building applications that are requested or referred to it by the City of Melbourne, Secretary of the Department of Water and the community.

    3 August 2021

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    City of Melbourne to Request Authorisation

    Authorisation requested on 4 August 2021.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Authorisation by the Minister for Planning

    Under delegation from the Minister for Planning, authorisation was granted on 18 August 2021.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Exhibition of Amendment C384

    Proposed updates to Planning Scheme published for public comment.

    13 October to 29 November 2021

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    Submissions to Future Melbourne Committee

    Report on public submissions to the Future Melbourne Committee. If submissions cannot be resolved, Council requests Minister to appoint independent panel to review and hear submissions.

    2 August 2022

  • Timeline item 6 - complete

    Directions hearing

    At the Directions Hearing, the Panel will:

    • give directions about exchanging information before the Hearing and the conduct of the Hearing
    • consider Hearing times and venue and site inspections
    • answer questions people have about the Panel process including the Hearing.

    31 August 2022

  • Timeline item 7 - complete

    Panel hearing

    The purpose of the Hearing is for people to speak to their written submission and to hear from the Planning Authority. The Hearing will commence on Monday 17 October 2022 and is anticipated to run for 10 to 15 days across three to four weeks.

    From 17 October 2022

  • Timeline item 8 - complete

    Council consideration

    Council will consider the panel report and any changes to the Planning Scheme Amendment and whether to submit a final amendment to the Minister for approval.

  • Timeline item 9 - incomplete

    Approval and Gazettal by the Minister for Planning of the final planning scheme changes


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