Last year, through a process of deliberative engagement with the community, the Council developed a Community Vision and four-year Council Plan 2021–2025 that outlines what it aims to deliver over its four-year term.

The Council Plan 2021–2025 includes six strategic objectives that cover people, culture, the economy, the environment, as well as Melbourne’s unique and Aboriginal identity. Underpinning these strategic objectives are 52 major initiatives the Council has committed to deliver by 2025.

This Annual Plan describes the key activities the Council will undertake in 2022–23 to deliver those 52 major initiatives in order to achieve our vision of Melbourne as a City of Possibility.

The Annual Plan 2022–23 is a companion document to the Budget 2022–23 which outlines how the Council will resource its activities over the financial year.

The draft Annual Plan was open for community consultation from 17 May to 14 June and was adopted by Council on 28 June.

Consultation closed

Read the final plan



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Future Melbourne Committee meeting to endorse the draft Annual Plan 2022–23 for community engagement

    17 May 2022

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Community engagement

    Public release of draft Annual Plan 2022–23 for community engagement.

    17 May to 14 June 2022

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Special Future Melbourne Committee

    Future Melbourne Committee to hear and consider community feedback.

    23 June 2022

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Final Council endorsement

    Annual Plan 2022–23, Budget 2022–23 and Waste Charge are presented to Council for endorsement.

    5:30pm, 28 June 2022

Read the draft plan

The draft we engaged with the community on during community consultation in May-June 2021:

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