The City of Melbourne prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C245 for the use and development of the Queen Victoria Market precinct.

Planning Scheme Amendment C245 will help us deliver on the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Master plan by better connecting the city with the market precinct: allowing us to create better streets, new laneways and improved public space.

On Tuesday 11 July 2017, the State Government announced approval of new planning controls that pave the way for a major transformation of Melbourne’s beloved Queen Victoria Market. The new planning controls for the market precinct have now been officially gazetted by the Minister for Planning.

The amendment is an important step in progressing the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal project.

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Amendment background

Since the introduction of the current built form controls for the area surrounding the Queen Victoria Market, the city has undergone significant change. Development controls need to be updated to recognise that the market precinct is now very much a part of the growing central city.

In addition, current height limits in the area surrounding the renewal precinct are discretionary and have not been effective in controlling height limits around the market site.

The amendment seeks to balance the heritage of the market precinct with ensuring the right type of new development within the market precinct.

It will also allow Council to meet the obligations set out in its agreement with the State Government for the future development of the precinct.

View the amendment, built form report and supporting information in the Document Library.

Planning Scheme Amendment C245 proposes to:

  • Rezone the market site to Public Use Zone to reflect its on-going public use.
  • Rezone the new public open space proposed for part of the existing car park to Public Park and Recreation Zone.
  • Include the land directly along the south of the market site in a Development Plan Overlay (DPO 11) that defines the allowed building envelope of street frontage heights and setbacks, and the wind and weather protection requirements of new development. The remainder of the area will be in a Design Development Overlay 14 (DDO 14) this includes built form controls to promote comfortable pedestrian conditions at street level, similar to those in the DPO 11.

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