The Climate Change Mitigation Strategy was endorsed in late 2018, and is a major commitment to urgent action to reduce emissions and forms part of our efforts towards a local and international movement of cities to address climate change.

This includes investment in:

  • renewable energy
  • urban forests
  • green buildings
  • waste innovation
  • better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

The strategy aligns to the Paris Climate Agreement and the international effort to stay below a 1.5°C rise in global average temperatures. It describes the actions we can take together to address the causes of climate change. It might be a global problem but the solutions are right here in our city.

We are calling on everyone — individuals, community groups, businesses, and all levels of government — to join us in our commitment to action with clear social, environmental and economic benefits for those who live and work in our city.

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Community consultation

Read about the feedback we collected to guide the strategy.