The conversation

To help form our 10-year Community Vision and four-year Council Plan 2021–25, we completed a period of deliberative engagement with a broad cross-section of the community throughout March 2021.

This work builds on previous community engagement to deliver the COVID-19 Reactivation and Recovery Plan (2020) and Future Melbourne 2026 (2016).

We asked community members what mattered most when they thought about the future of the city, and why.

Community members shape City of Melbourne’s Community Vision and Council Plan

Gathering insights

We spoke with more than 750 people who live, work, study, visit or own a business in the municipality to understand what our community values most about the city.

Who we reached:


online survey submissions


intercept surveys across the city


participants in neighbourhood workshops


participants in targeted workshop

With three Traditional Custodian groups, people with a disability, children, young people, families, culturally and linguistically diverse communities

What we heard

Overall, the community’s top aspirations were for Melbourne to be a city that:

  • is healthy and safe
  • considers climate change in everything that we do
  • is inclusive, accessible and affordable.

Examples of what we heard


The community’s feedback was gathered and synthesised into a series of insights and aspirations that helped to create the 10-year Community Vision and four-year Council Plan.

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Community Vision