City of Melbourne values our strong and diverse communities, and our grant programs support these communities flourish.

We are currently reviewing our community grant programs to better align with our visions and goals.

A full review of the Community Funding Policy 2013–17 was undertaken in 2017. Based on the feedback provided the draft Community Grants and Partnerships Framework has been developed.

Read the draft Community Grants and Partnerships Framework and tell us what you think of the refreshed policy by completing the feedback form below. Feedback is open from 6 June to 29 June.

The Framework

The draft Community Grants and Partnership Framework directs support and funding to the community sector through the provision of grants and partnerships.

Connected Communities
The Connected Communities grant stream supports community connection, social inclusion, access and participation.

  • This modified annual grants program will closely target smaller groups and make it easier for them to apply for grants and report on their work
  • Individual sport and recreation grants will be more focused on financially disadvantaged residents
  • The inclusion of the Kensington Town Hall into the Community Use of Town Hall (CUTHS) program will enable more communities to have access to our wonderful town hall in Kensington for community events and programs

Social Innovation Partnership
Social Innovation Partnership agreements introduce a focus on innovation through two year arrangements. These aim to create sustained social change and include grants for social enterprises.

Partnership and Professional Development
Partnership and Professional Development funding will provide an opportunity for community representatives to participate in conferences and learning opportunities that they may not have been able to afford as part of a voluntary community organisation.