The conversation

The draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024, Embracing Equity in Participation was released for public comment from 8 July to 5 August 2020.

The draft plan was available online, along with all research reports, and a sketch video of key issues identified by children and young people with disability during engagement. The plan was also provided in alternative formats and a direct email, mobile and text number was availbale, offering people individual assistance to fill out the three survey questions.

The opportunity to provide feedback was posted in articles included in the Ross House and Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) Newsletters. The draft was also circulated through City of Melbourne’s Disability Advisory Committee and the Victorian Local Government Disability Planners Network which has reach to all local governments across the state.

There were 145 likes on Twitter, 176 likes on Facebook and 58 LinkedIn clicks.

Gathering insights

As Melbourne was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic engagement was undertaken virtually though City of Melbourne’s Participate Melbourne website, one on one meetings through zoom and telephone conversation.

City of Melbourne’s Disability Advisory Committee also provided input and feedback on the draft throughout the development process.

Respondents through Participate Melbourne were made up of:

  • 38% visitors
  • 31% workers
  • 21% residents
  • 8% carers.

Feedback we received


Online survey submissions


Written submissions via email


Phone conversations and/or zoom meetings

What we heard

Key feedback points


A considerable number of responses recommended inclusion of embedded organisational access initiatives to capture the breadth and organisation wide commitment to enhancing equity of access. These have been incorporated into the plan which details ongoing and new initiatives to eliminate and reduce barriers and new access initiatives.

Next steps

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024, Embracing Equity in Participation was endorsed by Council on 15 September.

Disability Access Plan