In line with City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy we are committed to creating a resilient, healthy and diverse urban forest and are planting 3,000 new trees each year across the municipality.

Fairbairn Drive, Kensington has been identified for priority tree replacement works.

The existing Wallangarra White Gums (Eucalyptus scoparia) in Fairbairn Drive have been assessed by an independent arborist. Their assessment has highlighted a large number of the mature trees need to be removed or pruned due to structural defects caused by insect damage. The extensive level of work required to ensure public safety has prompted a review of the entire streetscape. The existing trees species is not suitable for a changing climate which is why an alternative species has been nominated as a replacement.

Some trees on Fairbairn Drive are to be retained and monitored as they have not been adversely impacted by insect damage and are in good health. These trees will provide important canopy cover in the street whilst the new trees establish. Trees that are being retained have no arboricultural reason for removal. More information can be found in our Tree Retention and Removal Policy.

The Kensington Urban Forest Precinct Plan was developed in collaboration with the community through a series of workshops and online forums and was endorsed by Council in 2014. The replacement tree proposed is Yellow Bloodwood (Corymbia eximia). The Precinct Plan guides our decision making on species selection and identifies that for Fairbairn Drive there should be a minimum canopy cover of 40 per cent for this street (Map 6 pg. 42) and the long term replacement trees (Map 8 pg. 48) should be a large evergreen species.

Other considerations when choosing the replacement species included:

  • Suitability for a changing climate
  • Proven to do well in urban environments
  • Contributes to tree species diversity, and is
  • Less susceptible to insect damage

Community consultation

We have received feedback from several residents in Fairbairn Drive and as a result we are undertaking further community consultation regarding tree replacement species. To better understand the community vision for replacement trees on Fairbairn Drive we’re encouraging Fairbairn Drive residents and property owners to share their thoughts.

We held an online workshop on Thursday 5 November, which gave the opportunity to hear more from our Urban Forest team, ask questions and discuss ideas in small groups. We also had an online survey open from 30 October to 25 November.

We understand that these new trees will be a key part of your neighbourhood, together we have the opportunity to improve the liveability, for your family and generations to come.