The Stock Route provides a unique location in the city to introduce edible trees, increase species diversity and improve local food production. It is also a quiet area where locals can safely harvest fruit away from vehicle traffic and provides a link to the local community gardens.

We have developed a proposal which outlines character zones for edible trees, and we'd would like to know which tree species you would like to see in these zones. Fruit harvesting would be undertaken by the local community and we want to hear from you to ensure that we’re planting the types of trees that you would like to harvest and eat.

This plan will be used as a planting guide to inform tree species selection. This tree planting will be a gradual editing of the landscape over time and will not include unnecessary removal of trees; this will enable continuous canopy cover on the Stock Route. Only trees at the end of their useful life will be removed and replaced with edible trees.

We'll use your feedback to create a planting plan that outlines the management of the Kensington Stock Route trees for years to come. Together, we have the opportunity to finalise a plan that will improve liveability for the local community for generations to come.

The final plan will contain a tree species guide. We want to know what type of fruit trees you would like to see planted, such as citrus, nuts or figs. Complete our survey to provide your feedback.

In addition to community preference, the trees will be required to be climate ready as outlined in our Future Urban Forest (2016) (PDF 8MB)* report. This report identifies trees that are able to tolerate a warming climate.

For further information on tree planting in Kensington, please refer to the Kensington Urban Forest Precinct Plan (2014-2024) (PDF 5MB).

*or most relevant research

There are a variety of key heritage tree species along the length of the Stock Route, including Peppercorn trees (Schinus molle) and English Elms (Ulmus procera) that are protected by Heritage Victoria. These species will be maintained and protected. If they require removal they will be replaced in line with Heritage Victoria requirements. All other non-heritage listed trees will be replaced with edible trees.

All trees will be managed in accordance with the Tree Policy and maintained under our Council tree management contract - this includes planting, watering, pruning and ongoing maintenance. This will ensure that trees establish and are maintained to contract standard. Harvesting the fruit will be left to the responsibility and enjoyment of the community.

Stock Route Food Walk Proposal

Note: Precinct boundaries are indicative at this stage only. Boundaries may be adjusted and transitional zones may be included between precincts during design or implementation stages.

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