The conversation

In June 2021, we shared an initial street greening concept design to generate community conversation about our proposal to introduce tree canopy cover, street greening and biodiverse garden beds to Little Baillie Street.

Gathering insights

Between 29 June and 25 July 2021 we gathered feedback on the proposal. The consultation sought to understand levels of community support for the proposed project and what improvements could be made to refine the design.

Letters were sent to all residents, businesses and property owners in, and directly surrounding, Little Baillie Street, inviting them to complete our online survey, or to contact us directly with any queries or feedback. We also posted onsite signage to reach visitors to Little Baillie.

In total, we reached at least 6650 people via our website, e-newsletters, direct emails and posted letters.


website visitors


e-newsletters sent


letters sent

Who we reached

Sixty people provided feedback about our Little Baillie Street greening proposal via phone calls, emails, or online survey.


online surveys completed


phone calls


emails received

What we heard

Overall, 81 per cent of participants were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat supportive’ of the Street Greening Proposal; 19 per cent of participants indicated they were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat unsupportive’.

Visual appeal (76 per cent), climate resilience (73 per cent), and ecological value (60 per cent) rated highest as aspirations for street enhancements.

The feedback received included:


Given the significant community support expressed through this consultation period, we are developing plans for street greening interventions for Little Baillie.

Based on your feedback, we have updated our designs to:

  • minimise car parking loss, by reducing the number of repurposed on-street car parking spaces from four, to three
  • include Australian native plant species in the understory garden beds
  • accommodate approved Building/Planning Applications at three properties.

Revised landscape plan

Revised landscape plan for Little Baillie Strret.

Next steps

We are updating the Little Baillie Street greening proposal to make the most of the hoped for social and environmental benefits — creating a space that residents, visitors, and local wildlife can enjoy now and into the future.

Our landscape designers, engineers and horticultural experts are hard at work balancing the space and service requirements of drivers, pedestrians, families, businesses, and ecology through detailed design.

Funding has been allocated to commence construction in the first half of 2022.

Greening Little Baillie Street