The opportunity to enhance Little Baillie Street, North Melbourne has been identified within the North and West Melbourne Urban Forest Precinct Plan as part of the implementation of the Urban Forest Strategy.

The Street Greening Proposal responds to the needs of our growing and changing community, plus ensures that our environment is better adapted to the effects of changing climate conditions.

Traffic and drainage engineers, alongside landscape design experts collaborated on our initial street greening proposal to ensure the project is achievable.

In June 2021, we asked for your feedback. You can see the results and the updated street greening plans on our Community consultation page.

Key proposed changes

  • 16 new medium sized street trees creating shade, visual impact and increasing amenity for the community.
  • Creation of biodiverse garden beds within the tree plots.
  • Repurposing four car spaces for the introduction of tree and understory species that will strengthen urban forest resilience and plant community biodiversity, offering long-term benefit to the community.

Expected benefits

  • A significantly more beautiful and appealing place to live, work in and visit.
  • Mitigate the effects of climate change and the urban heat-island effect, creating healthier, cooler and more enjoyable ecosystems.
  • The tree species, Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo) performs well in a changing climate and provides vibrant seasonal colour.
  • 45 m2 of increased permeable ground will allow natural absorption and filtration of storm and rainwater.
  • Greater plant biodiversity, encouraging a healthy ecosystem.
  • Traffic studies suggest the proposed road changes would naturally slow the speed of cars, creating a safer and more pleasant environment.

Initial street greening proposal

This proposal was open for community consultation in June 2021.

See the revised landscape plan.

Street section

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Initial Street Greening Proposal

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Greening Little Baillie Street