What can we do to help Melburnians lead happy and healthy lives?

Every four years, we develop a plan to support our city’s health and wellbeing. Since the last plan was created in 2017, Melbourne has gone through immense change.

Last year we compiled our Health and Wellbeing Profile 2020, looking at health status, lifestyle factors and key conditions that either support or hinder our community to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy a good quality of life.

Now we’re asking you to rank the most important factors for health and wellbeing in our city, and identify any issues we may have missed.

Share your feedback to shape our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021–25, and guide our work over the next four years. Share your feedback via the online survey below.

Consultation closed Friday 26 March.




  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Community consultation - phase one

    Consultation on key health and wellbeing priorities.

    2 March to 26 March 2021

  • Timeline item 2 - incomplete

    Community consultation - phase two

    Consultation on draft Council Plan 2021–25 with embedded priorities from the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing plan

    12 May to 9 June 2021

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Council to consider final Council Plan 2021–25 with embedded Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing priorities

    29 June 2021

Project overview

Learn more about the hot topics identified in our Health and Wellbeing profile.

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