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Place a marker within the boundary on the map below, and tell us why you think this place is important.

Consultation closes Monday 11 November.


How to use the map:

1. Find an address through the address search bar or by zooming in using the top right navigation.

2. Select 'Add Marker' in the bottom right corner and place it on your location.

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Place a marker on the map for the following categories:

New places
These might be buildings, parks, trees, landscapes, gardens, monuments or public art – anything you feel might have value to North Melbourne's cultural heritage and sense of local identity, which is not already protected. Tell us where it is and any information you can share about it.

Existing places
Do you have any information about places that are already protected by the Heritage Overlay for their heritage values?

Connected places
Tell us about places that have strong or special ongoing connections for existing communities or cultural groups. The reason for the connection can be spiritual, religious, cultural, political, or derived from common experience. We are interested to hear about the place, the group it's been important to in the past, and how that connection continues today.

Your special places
Why is the heritage of North Melbourne important to you? Tell us about places that are special to you personally and why they should be protected.

Distinctive places
Where are the heritage places that make North Melbourne different to other suburbs – Carlton or Parkville for example? What heritage places might you find in North Melbourne that do not exist in other suburbs?

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