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Place a marker within the boundary on the map below, and tell us why you think this place is important.

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  1. Choose a category for your heritage location.
  2. Find the address through the address search bar or by zooming in using the top right navigation.
  3. Select 'Add Marker' in the bottom right corner and place it on your location.
  4. Select the category from the drop down list and add a comment to support your choice. Add an image too if you have one.
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New places
Tell us about a new heritage place you believe should be protected.

Existing places
Share information about existing heritage places you know.

Connected places
Share places that have a connection to existing communities or cultural groups.

Your special places
Share places that you value and that add to North Melbourne's local distinctiveness.

Distinctive places
Share the heritage places that make North Melbourne different to other suburbs.

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