Connect with others in your community (friends, family, neighbours and more) through sharing ideas, stories and getting together for social activities.

Invite them to fill in and share a postcard.

Read about some of the positive community-led initiatives in Kensington making a difference and share some of your own.

You can also host a mini tea party with your neighbours using our conversation kit, or get busy colouring in some local places.

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Write a postcard

Participate Kensington postcard

Complete a Participate Kensington postcard using the template, or create a virtual postcard by filling in the blanks below.

Share your postcard by 22 December.

I ♥ Kensington

Kensington is full of many inspiring stories of local people working together to make an even more connected, inclusive, and sustainable neighbourhood.

Check out some of the examples below:

Community wall

Got more positive stories, images or videos of your neighbourhood to share? It might be help you received from a neighbour during lockdown, things you love about the neighbourhood or a picture of your completed postcard or colouring in activity.

The community wall will be closed at 5pm on 22 December.

Host an activity

Tea party

As lockdown eases it’s the perfect time to re-connect locally with people in your community and get together (either virtually or face to face -subject to restrictions).

Download our tea party conversation toolkit, with all the details you need to get started.

Download a conversation kit

Colour in Kensington

For the young or the young at heart. Download the printable colouring in pictures below capturing different locations around Kensington. How many can you recognise? Once you've finished your creation you can add it to our Community Wall, or upload it to social media with the hashtag #ParticipateKensington.

Download an illustration