The conversation

The Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project proposes to harvest excess stormwater from the Moonee Ponds Creek to protect Princes Park from the impacts of future drought. The project will also improve the health of the creek by removing excess stormwater and pollution.

A project overview was provided on Participate Melbourne including details about how the Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project will remove pollutants and transfer stormwater from the Moonee Ponds Creek to Princes Park.

We asked the community to review the benefits and impacts of the proposal and provide feedback. The feedback provided will inform the next stage of the detailed design process.

Gathering insights

Feedback was received via an online survey which was open from 21 July to 30 August 2022.

Who we reached


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What we heard

There was a high level of support for the project. Survey respondents strongly agreed that drought will impact the supply of water to parks and that treated stormwater is a suitable alternative water source.

People also raised the importance of ensuring access for cyclists, dog walking and passive recreation during construction as well as the need to minimise the impact on native vegetation and wildlife.

The feedback received included:


The information collected will be used to:

  • Inform detailed design and construction
    • Design considerations: As part of the detailed design process, we will be undertaking vegetation impact assessment and working with our ecologist on how we can minimise any disruption to vegetation and significant species including the White Skink.
    • Construction considerations: Many of the items raised will be addressed through our construction planning particularly access to paths and park areas and the impact on vegetation and wildlife. Where possible, directional pipe boring will be used. This construction technique minimises above ground disturbances.
  • Update project engagement materials
    • Additional engagement materials: Several of the responses related to frequently asked questions on the Participate Melbourne project page. Following this feedback, we will update the Participate Melbourne page with further details about the project business case, information about the noise impacts of pumps and the safety of using stormwater for irrigation.

Next steps

We will develop a detailed design for the Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project. The detailed design will be informed by feedback to date, further geotechnical surveys, tree impact assessments, cultural and heritage approvals. A detailed design summary will be made available in August 2023.

To stay up-to-date with the project, please follow this page.

Princes Park Stormwater Harvesting Project