Seafarers Rest Park design

Community consultation

The design for Seafarers Rest Park has been developed from the first phase of community consultation, where we asked the community about their interest and ideas for the park.

Key findings from the consultation revealed:

  • There was general consensus that the area would benefit from redevelopment.
  • Natural spaces and aspects are important to people.
  • Local maritime history must be represented in the redeveloped park.
  • People anticipate the park will facilitate multiple activities and functions.
  • Park users want a safe space for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Respondents want the park to feel safe and welcoming for everyone.

Learn more and see the location of Seafarer's Rest park on the community consultation page.

The design

Using this community feedback, we have developed a design for the park that will provide spaces for rest and relaxation, informal exercise and play, sunny lawns and improved pedestrian and bicycle access.

The design carefully considers its location within this historic maritime precinct, and celebrates Melbourne’s rich maritime heritage with the inclusion of relevant objects connected to the site, alongside new design elements and materials that reference the site's past. These elements include columns that reflect the former wharf shed location and timber crate seating that reflects the cargo of the historic wharf. Key views to the Mission to the Seafarers Building, heritage shed and crane have been enhanced.

The park will deliver on some key aspects of the City of Melbourne's Urban Forest and Nature in the City strategies. Retained trees and new tree planting will provide 40 per cent tree canopy cover. The extensive planting and water sensitive urban design will increase biodiversity in the area and connect people to nature.

All images provided by OCULUS.

Proposed concept plan

Select each spot to see each area.

Key areas and features

  • The River Lawns

    Connecting the park to the river promenade, the river lawns define a series of new paths with clear views and routes to Docklands and Northbank.

    • Protecting and celebrating Melbourne's maritime heritage with clear and framed views to the Yarra and riverside.
    • Increasing pedestrian and bicycle access.
    • Sunny open lawns allow for natural surfaces and planting over the existing concrete wharf slab.
    • Informal spaces for rest, relaxation and recreation.
    • Columns evoke the site of the former wharf shed.
  • The Play Wharf

    A playful space for children and adults overlooking the Yarra River as part of the river lawns.

    • Spaces for informal recreation, exercise and play.
    • More natural surfaces including lawn.
    • Seating.
    • Play elements.
  • The Habitat Hollows

    Outdoor rooms for nature play and habitat for Melbourne's urban ecology.

    • Trees, plants and greenery for amenity, shade and shelter.
    • Retaining existing trees.
    • Nesting boxes.
    • Salvaged tree trunks.
    • Increasing pedestrian and bicycle access.
    • Water sensitive urban design.
  • The Events Deck

    A flexible use open space that can accommodate gathering and events.

    • Protecting and celebrating Melbourne's maritime heritage.
    • Spaces for events.
    • Spaces for relaxation and recreation.
    • Shaded areas.
    • Protecting and enhancing the existing trees.
  • The Crates

    The deck is framed by generous timber seating edges whose form references timber cargo crates. The space provides a new distinctive place to meet and a connection to the wharf's history.

    • Spaces for neighbourhood activities and events.
    • More natural surfaces including timber.
    • Safe, welcoming and inclusive.
    • Seating for respite.
  • The Urban Forest

    Seafarers Rest will become a green haven with existing and new groves of trees framing the park.

    • Trees, plants and greenery for amenity, shade and shelter.
    • Dog friendly (on-lead) access.
    • Retaining and protecting existing trees.
    • Shaded areas.

View from Park entrance at Seafarers Bridge to the Mission to Seafarers dome

Artistic impression of View from Park entrance at Seafarers Bridge to the Mission to Seafarers dome

Next steps

All feedback gathered will be considered and inform the final park design.

Seafarers Rest Park