The conversation

We want to know what you think when it comes to creating smoke-free and vape-free areas in the City of Melbourne.

Before deciding if a proposed area will become smoke-free and vape-free, we engage with key stakeholders to understand the potential impacts and benefits of making these areas smoke-free and vape-free. These include:

  • residents
  • building owners
  • businesses
  • sporting clubs
  • people who use the area
  • the broader community.

This includes face-to-face discussions, pop-up information sessions, surveys and inviting people to share feedback online.

What we heard

Following community consultation, we received a majority of support to make a total of 13 areas smoke-free and vape-free.

These include:

  • Goldsbrough Lane
  • QV Melbourne
  • The Causeway
  • Howey Place
  • Equitable Place
  • Block Place
  • The Tan running track
  • Princes park running track
  • Collins Way
  • Fullham Place
  • Bourke Street (between Elizabeth Street and Russell Place, including Bourke Street Mall)
  • Market Street Park
  • McKillop Street


At the conclusion of the engagement period a feedback report is produced. The report includes recommendations on whether the proposed area should become smoke-free and vape-free, based on the feedback received. We consider all feedback, both for and against, when making decisions about prescribing smoke-free and vape-free areas.

The feedback report is then provided to Council for consideration. Councillors review the feedback reports and submissions received. Each smoke-free and vape-free area proposal is put to a vote, with a majority of Councillors in support needed in order for an area to be prescribed smoke-free and vape-free.

Any member of the public may attend these meetings and/or make a submission. If they wish to do this, they can also elect to address Council during the meeting.

Smoke-free and vape-free areas