The conversation

The South Yarra Heritage Review is part of our commitment to identifying and protecting the city's heritage.

From 10 August to 21 September 2020 we asked the community for their feedback to help inform our heritage review of parts of South Yarra. We wanted to hear local knowledge to better understand what needs to be celebrated and protected.

The purpose of the engagement was to:

  • Identify places that need to be investigated for heritage protection in the Melbourne Planning Scheme.
  • Improve our knowledge and understanding of existing heritage places, and potentially add information to existing written documentation and records.
  • Hear from the community about the places they value and why.
  • Increase understanding of what makes South Yarra distinctive.

Gathering insights

We held an online information session and asked people to share their knowledge of South Yarra with us through an interactive map on the Participate Melbourne website. We also met online with the Melbourne South Yarra Residents’ Group.

Who we reached


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Online map contributions


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What we heard

Examples of what we heard


Community members have made valuable contributions. The heritage consultants have reviewed all the information shared throughout the consultation and used it to inform research and fieldwork as part of the heritage review. It is anticipated that the South Yarra Heritage Review will be completed by the middle of 2021, and a report will be submitted to Council in the first half of 2022. The recommendations of the report will be implemented through an amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, a process which will be open for public consultation.

South Yarra Heritage Review