Implementing the Master Plan

September 26, 2017

The City of Melbourne is implementing the first stage of the University Square Master Plan.

The master plan was developed in consultation with the community over several years and the planning process for work is now underway.

Works for the first stage of the University Square Master Plan will include Master Plan Action 3 and Master Plan Action 7. See below for further details of these actions.

Master Plan Action 3 - Leicester Street road within a park

  • The expansion of University Square by demolishing a portion of Leicester Street.
  • Construction of a 5m wide north-bound traffic lane with a dedicated bicycle path and a new pedestrian thoroughfare.
  • New lighting, park furniture, garden beds and trees with a new irrigation system.
  • A new underground stormwater tank.

Master Plan Action 7 - Pelham Street park front

  • The construction of a new park entrance at Pelham Street.
  • New pedestrian crossings to create generous entranceways at the corner of Pelham and Leicester Streets with connection to Barry Street.
  • New raised garden beds with native trees and lighting.
  • New retaining and seating walls to create a seamless level transition between lawn and park front.
  • Relocate the temperance fountain as a feature of the new Pelham Street park front.

For more information, please contact 9658 9658 or email