Making a great market even better

May 5, 2014

Join the conversation – only two days to go!

The Queen Victoria Market has served the people of Melbourne continuously since the 1870s – giving it an irreplaceable connection with our past.

From its beginnings as Melbourne’s chief wholesale market through to its successful reinvention as a retail market in the 1970s, the Queen Victoria Market has played an important role in our changing city.

A large site, it sits at the boundary of the Hoddle grid, both part of the city and oriented north and west. The Queen Victoria Market is much more than a market place. The site has been, and continues to be of significance to many different people for many reasons.

It’s an important Aboriginal cultural place, the site of Melbourne’s first cemetery, housed the Temperance Union and been the city’s main wholesale food market. It also has layers of Victorian and Edwardian mercantile architecture.

In this next evolution we are committed to preserving this diverse heritage.

As a mark of that commitment, the City of Melbourne will present the case for World Heritage listing of the Queen Victoria Market site when improvements are complete. This international acknowledgement would provide appropriate recognition and protection of this Melbourne icon.

In this second phase of community engagement, we would like to hear your views on our proposals, such as the heritage of the market and what parts of the unique experience should be retained. The ideas we hear during this phase will be incorporated into the draft master plan.