Use the map to find the protection type of each park.

Each park on the map is coloured according to its overshadowing protection type.
Use the >> symbol on the left to see the legend. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to zoom in and out.

Steps to apply the new park protection controls for your property:

  1. Select a park to see the its type and protection control.
  2. Measure the existing shadow on the park based on the date and times specified in the relevant park type. If you are in the vicinity of a Type 2 park, you must also calculate the allowable shadow that would be created if a street wall was built to the current planning height controls.
  3. Test the overshadowing impact of your development on the park at the date and time range specified for the relevant park type.

Read about the process in more detail on the Amendment Overview page.

Note: June 21 is when the sun is lowest and shadows are longest. Maximum shadow allowance is calculated based on this date.

Amendment overview

Understand the amendment process and how to apply the new planning controls.