The Annual Plan and Budget 2019–20 is the third in our four-year Council Plan for 2017–21. It builds on work already completed to deliver on our vision for our city’s growth, sustainability, prosperity and liveability.

The Council Plan is reviewed by Council every year to see if any amendments are needed. In 2019, Council is proposing amendments to the Council Plan 2017–21, relating specifically to a minority of indicators used to monitor progress on the plan. The purpose of the proposed amendments is to rectify issues in how these indicators are reported, primarily due to data gaps and inconsistencies between how the indicators are worded and what is able to be reported. You can find more information on the Council Plan review and the proposed amendments in the document library.

Community consultation was delivered from 10 May to 7 June, with 60 submissions received — more than triple the number received in recent years.

The Annual Plan and Budget 2019–20 and Council Plan 2017–2021 were adopted by Council on 25 June 2019.

Consultation closed

Draft Annual Plan and Budget 2019–20 Overview

What we're planning to deliver in the year ahead.