To help meet the current and future needs of North Melbourne’s vibrant and diverse community, the City of Melbourne is moving ahead with plans to develop a new community centre in North Melbourne.

Community and service providers have shared their desire for larger and improved facilities to enhance the existing services that make a positive difference to life in North Melbourne.

This new multi-use centre will include youth, family and ageing services, as well as additional services to be decided on following engagement with the community so we best meet the needs of the neighbourhood.

The location

The new centre will be located at 91-115 Melrose Street (currently the site of Jean McKendry Neighbourhood Centre and Hotham Hub) and will be 3000 square metres in size. For comparison, the existing North Melbourne Community Centre (NMCC) is approximately 1500 square metres.

Both the existing NMCC and Jean McKendry will shift their youth, family and ageing service provision to the new centre. Future redevelopment of the recreation facilities at NMCC will be undertaken as part of City of Melbourne’s longer-term planning for recreation needs in the area.

While construction is underway, services and programs currently offered at the Jean McKendry Neighbourhood Centre will be relocated to other facilities across the community. The existing North Melbourne Community Centre will continue to operate while construction on a new community centre is underway.

The consultation

Two rounds of community engagement will be undertaken. This first round was informed by previous community engagement, and asked for further community input about preferred services and spaces. We also wanted your thoughts on how the centre should look and feel to make it a welcoming and inclusive space for the community. We were adding to our understanding of the priorities and needs for the North Melbourne and Macaulay community, building on previous conversations with community and stakeholders.

The second round of engagement (to happen in the first half of 2024) will present draft designs for feedback from community and stakeholders.



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Phase 1 engagement to gather community and stakeholder insights on services and design objectives

    16 August to 5 October 2023

  • Timeline item 2 - incomplete

    City of Melbourne to use engagement outcomes to prepare brief for design of the new centre

    Late 2023

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Preparation of the concept design of a new centre and review by Council

    Early 2024

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Phase 2 community engagement to present concept design for public feedback

    Early to mid-2024

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    Preparation of detailed design for new centre

    Late 2024

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    Beginning of construction of a new centre

    Late 2025 to 2026

Map of North Melbourne and Macaulay

Map of North Melbourne and Macaulay

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