Draft Master Plan

The draft Master Plan was developed following the first two phases of community engagement and consultation with all land managers and stakeholders.

It highlights five key values to guide the future management of the Domain Parklands over the next 20 years.

The values include:

  • A healthy and resilient parkland
  • A parkland of history and cultural heritage
  • A parkland for people
  • A parkland that connects
  • A parkland of partnerships

Fundamental to all the values is the principle that there be no net loss of parkland, and that future change should bring positive benefits to the Domain Parklands. These values will form the basis for decision-making over the life of the 20-year Master Plan.

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Key themes

Proposals in the draft Master Plan are described under five themes, each with a number of action areas. They explain how we will help manage the parklands in times of change by building resilience.

Themes of draft Domain Parklands Master Plan: 1. Nurture a diverse landscape and parkland ecology 2. Acknowledge history and cultural heritage 3. Support exceptional visitor experience 4. Improve pedestrian movement and access 5. Management and partnershi

Proposed precinct upgrades

The Domain Parklands is separated into five precincts.

Read about the key actions the draft master plan proposed for each area.

Domain Parklands Master Plan