Emerging technology testbed

As more technology is rolled out across cities, City of Melbourne sees a significant opportunity to work with business, startups, researchers, universities, other government bodies and our community to share knowledge and collaborate to improve the city experience.

In the last four years, we have invested in a range of activities to help us respond to this. It includes;

  • Ongoing investment into data capture and analysis that helps us understand the city better to make decisions about the city, in planning etc.
  • Establishment of Melbourne Innovation Districts - City North, a partnership with RMIT and University of Melbourne that gives us permission to experiment and explore what a future city could be
  • Our annual Open Innovation Competition that provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to pitch and piloting new ideas that respond to city challenges
  • Melbourne Knowledge Week; our annual knowledge festival, that provides an opportunity for the community and knowledge sector to share new ideas and innovation

These activities have laid the groundwork to allow City of Melbourne to establish a Testbed which was launched in 2018. The testbed lets us to test and learn in a managed environment and understand the benefits emerging technology, such as 5G and IoT, can have on our city.

We will continue to roll out different pilots to trial new technologies and discover opportunities for our city.