Use this data to understand past, current and forecast information to inspire solutions or create a strong case for your innovation.

On this page we have brought together City of Melbourne resources and data that we think will be useful for your participation in the 2024 Fishermans Bend Digital Innovation Challenge. This includes links to Open Data, reports, strategies and websites across the themes of waste and circular economy, environment, business and economy, transport and activity and community.

Using data to validate and support your idea will help you create great responses to the submission form, as you demonstrate why your idea will work, how it can scale, the impact will have and more.

Tips for using data in your submission:

  • Explore the data below as a great first step to using data in your submission. We encourage you to explore other data available online, in your local libraries, from local experts and more
  • Join our Open Data Drop-in Days where you can book a time with a Data Mentor in person or online to get help accessing and understanding City of Melbourne data and resources
  • Reference data in your submission to demonstrate strengths against the various criteria. Make sure you reference all data inclusions in your submission
  • You can also visit the Open Data website to explore themes and data directly.

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Get support to include data in your 2024 Fishermans Bend Digital Innovation Challenge submission.

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