In line with our Open Space Strategy, Urban Forest Strategy, and West Melbourne Structure Plan, we’re committed to increasing open space and tree canopy cover across the city, to help adapt to climate change, mitigate the urban heat-island effect, and create healthier and more enjoyable landscapes for our community.

As a key implementation tool of the Urban Forest Strategy, the North and West Melbourne Urban Forest Precinct Plan identified this section of Roden Street (between King and Spencer) as priority planting for years 5 to 7. Street tree planting was undertaken on the south side of Roden Street, however further feasibility studies and customer requests have identified that there is greater potential for this section of Roden Street to better fulfil the City of Melbourne‘s Strategic outcomes.

The Greening Proposal responds to the needs of our growing and changing West Melbourne community, plus ensures that our environment is better adapted to the effects of changing climate conditions.

The project team at City of Melbourne has worked hard to assess the technical feasibility of this street greening project, undertaking soil testing, traffic swept path analysis, service proving and assessment of existing trees to ensure the proposal is achievable.

Features of the proposal

  • 1000sqm of additional greening and permeable ground area through the removal of paving and the conversion of roadway.

  • Introduction of additional tree and understorey species that will strengthen urban forest resilience and plant community biodiversity, offering long term benefit to the community.

  • Reconfiguration of the roadway yet still maintain function.

  • Reconfiguration of existing car parking places for no net loss of parking.

  • New kerb and channels.

  • Regrade of footpath and increased pathways.

  • Introduction of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) features to enable both water quality and quantity capture benefits and reduce storm water run-off.

Plan view

Roden Street proposed.

Before and after

Before: After:

Greening Roden Street