Seafarers Rest Park provides a new public space that reveals Melbourne’s significant maritime heritage. The enhanced pedestrian and cycling connections allow for easier and more enjoyable travel into the CBD, Docklands and Southbank.

  • Continue to engage meaningfully and respectfully with the Traditional Custodians at all stages of the project.
  • Work with the Traditional Custodians to ensure the cultural narrative of the River is celebrated and embedded into the project delivery process and built outcome.
  • Unify disparate public open spaces and improve legibility of pedestrian connections on the waters edge.
  • Improve public and private interfaces along the river.
  • Improve recreational cycling connections through the precinct including the Capital City Trail.
  • Create a new park destination.
  • Provide opportunities for greening, vegetation and creation of constructed ecological edges.
  • Celebrate cultural maritime history through interpretation.

Maritime Precinct map

Select each dot to learn more. Key improvements are shown by the green dots and coordination and advocacy work are shown by the blue dots.

  • Engage with Traditional Custodians and RAP determination.
  • Undertake climate impact and asset vulnerability assessment.
  • Explore options for enhanced uses of the Missions to Seafarers building.
  • Explore potential for private developments to contribute to the public realm improvements.
  • Support the adjoining developer’s implementation of Seafarers Rest Park.