Project background

This project at Scarborough Place, Kensington has been identified as a key deliverable from the Urban Forest Strategy for the Kensington area, indicated in the Kensington Urban Forest Precinct Plan 2014–2024. This street does not currently have any street trees or greening.

This street greening proposal for Scarborough Place was developed in response to the community support for a greener, cooler street, safer traffic conditions and a desire for a community street garden.

The proposal for these streets also responds to the changing needs of the community, the transition to residential developments, as well as ensuring that the streets can respond to the effects of changing climate conditions.

Street greening proposal March 2021

This street greening proposal was released for public consultation from 11 March to 1 April 2021. Since then the design has been updated based on feedback we heard.

See the updated design.

Key proposed design features

  • 15 new street trees creating shade and visual impact and increasing amenity for the community.
  • The tree species, Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo) has been identified as a tree that is highly likely to perform well in a changing climate, provide autumn interest and meets the guidelines of the Kensington Urban Forest Precinct Plan.
  • 60 m2 of permeable ground for natural absorption and rainwater filtration.
  • Introduction of tree and understorey species that will strengthen urban forest resilience and plant community biodiversity, offering long-term benefit to the community.
  • Narrower road to reduce the number and speed of ‘through-way’ vehicles.

Street section

Slide the marker to see existing and proposed conditions of the street.

Before: After:

Street greening proposal

Improving Scarborough Place